Campus Rover Packages

This section of the Lab Notebook contains pages related to the ongoing campus rover project, specifically the cr_ros, cr_web, cr_ros_2, cr_ros_3 and rover_4_core repositories.

The difference between the repositories

  • cr_ros and cr_web were the original pair of repos that gens 1 and 2 created to use with a TurtleBot2 (Spring 2018, Fall 2018)

  • cr_ros_2 is a port of cr_ros to work with TurtleBot3. It features a number of unstable features from external repos that were created that semester. It works with the mutant branch of cr_web. (Spring 2019)

  • cr_ros_3 is a more stable version of cr_ros_2 which also works on TB3 with a number of tweeks under the hood which help the package to run smoothly and be easy to pick up and develop on. (Fall 2019)

  • rover_4_core is low-level code that is intended to run on a new custom model of robot hardware, but it could be interfaced and produce the same information as a TB3. A companion package to cr_ros_3. Development was cut short. (Spring 2020)