How-to's, tutorials, explanations, concepts that might be helpful for others

Steps for contributing to this section

  1. Git clone this repository to your computer: campusrover/labnotebook‚Äč

  2. In the directory structure, find the folder called faq. In it you can create a .md file for your contribution.

  3. Write your contribution using markdown. You can include images as well as links. There are many tutorials on Markdown but you most likely already know it.

  4. Once you added your contribution, go to SUMMARY.md. Add your contribution as an entry there (format: [NAME](faq/MY_CONTRIBUTION.md)). Like this,

    * [FAQ](faq/README.md)
    * ...
    * [My Contribution](faq/my_contribution.md)
  5. Git add, commit and push your changes.